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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rosa Bonheur - Cattle on a Pasture, Arcangelo Corelli - Trio Sonatas Opus 2, John Oxenham

Rosa Bonheur was very skilled at portraying animals but I enjoy her backgrounds too.  Notice how she has made the trees in the far distance blue and indistinct so they look far away.  I love all the light behind the trees and on the cattle.  How would you like to have cattle in your front yard?

File:Rosa Bonheur - Bétail sur un pâturage.jpg

Arcangelo Corelli - Trio Sonatas Opus 2 - here.

This link is to the complete works of Corelli which includes the above piece if you want to listen to hours of Corelli as background music.  

My dad who went home to be with the LORD over a year ago used to say that death is a door - this beautiful poem by John Oxenham likens it to going to sleep and waking in Heaven. 

This mortal dies,--
But, in the moment when the light fails here,
The darkness opens, and the vision clear
Breaks on his eyes.
The vail is rent,--
On his enraptured gaze heaven's glory breaks,
He was asleep, and in that moment wakes.


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