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Friday, February 28, 2014

Rosa Bonheur - A Shepherd With His Flock, Arcangelo Corelli - Chamber Works, John Oxenham - The Day--The Way

Rosa Bonheur somehow manages to paint a lot of motion in a very convincing manner.  Her animals have unique personalities and no two look alike.  What clues are there in this painting that it is Spring?

File:Rosa Bonheur - Un berger avec son Troupeau.jpg

 Chamber Works by Arcangelo Corelli.

      The Day--The Way
   John Oxenham

    Not for one single day

Can I discern my way,
        But this I surely know,--
  Who gives the day,
  Will show the way,
      So I securely go.

The following is a link to the Picasa Web Album for our next artist - Jacob von Rueysdale Paintings

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rosa Bonheur - Lions, arcangelo corelli - sarabande, John Oxenham - Bring us the Light

There are several wonderful paintings of lions by Rosa Bonheur - it was hard to choose which to feature, here are two.

I especially love the colors in the second, but the majestic pose of the first is powerful. 

The following is a link to the Picasa Web Album for our next artist - Jacob von Rueysdale Paintings 

Our Arcangelo Corelli piece for today is short but oh so lovely!  Sarabande  

A moving poem this week by John Oxenham.  Will we go?  Will we encourage our children to go?  We who have so much light, will we share the light? 

          Bring Us the Light

I hear a clear voice calling, calling,
Calling out of the night,
O, you who live in the Light of Life,
        Bring us the Light!

We are bound in the chains of darkness,
Our eyes received no sight,
O, you who have never been bond or blind,
        Bring us the Light!

We live amid turmoil and horror,
Where might is the only right,
O, you to whom life is liberty,
        Bring us the Light!

We stand in the ashes of ruins,
We are ready to fight the fight,
O, you whose feet are firm on the Rock,
        Bring us the Light!

You cannot--you shall not forget us,
Out here in the darkest night,
We are drowning men, we are dying men,
        Bring, O, bring us the Light!

If you are enjoying John Oxenham's poetry here is a link to more:
John Oxenham Poems

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rosa Bonheur - Wild Boars in the Snow

It is amazing to me that Rosa Bonheur has managed to take an unattractive subject like these wild boars in a dead winter forest and make a lovely painting.  I love how the light shines through on the snow in the right mid-ground and the forest is lovely even in it's drear winter state. 

File:Rosa Bonheur - Sangliers dans la neige.jpg
Wild Boars in the Snow

The following is a link to the Picasa Web Album for our next artist - Jacob von Rueysdale Paintings

Today's piece of music by Arcangelo Corelli is in a minor key and just a bit sad, yet beautiful --  La Folia in D Minor.

There are so many more wonderful poems by John Oxenham!  It's hard to choose which to feature.  Here is a link to a listing of more of his wonderful work.

              The Potter

A Potter, playing with his lump of clay,
Fashioned an image of supremest worth.
  "_Never was nobler image made on earth,
  Than this that I have fashioned of my clay.
  And I, of mine own skill, did fashion it,--
  I--from this lump of clay_."

The Master, looking out on Pots and Men,
Heard his vain boasting, smiled at that he said.
  "_The clay is Mine, and I the Potter made,
  As I made all things,--stars, and clay, and men.
  In what doth this man overpass the rest?
  --Be thou as other men_!"

He touched the Image,--and it fell to dust,
He touched the Potter,--he to dust did fall.
  Gently the Master,--"_I did make them all,--
  All things and men, heaven's glories, and the dust.
  Who with Me works shall quicken death itself,
  Without Me--dust is dust_."

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rosa Bonheur - Sultan and Rosette, arcangelo Corelli - Op 6 no.4 in D. Major, John Oxenham - In Christ there is No East or West

This painting by Rosa Bonhuer is almost comical in its contrasts.  What do you think she meant by the setting she chose? 

File:Bonheur Sultan and Rosette.jpg

Continuing on with Concerto Grosso by Arcangelo Corelli we have  Op. 6 No. 4 in D Major today.  It is filled with energy.  Again today, you can watch the musicians perform.  

If you want to listen to the complete Concerto Grosso as background music this week the link is here.

         John Oxenham
In Christ There is No East or West

In Christ there is no East or West,
  In Him no South or North,
But one great Fellowship of Love
  Throughout the whole wide earth.

In Him shall true hearts everywhere
  Their high communion find.
His service is the golden cord
  Close-binding all mankind.

Join hands then, Brothers of the Faith,
Whatever your race may be!--
Who serves my Father as a son
  Is surely kin to me.

In Christ now meet both East and West,
  In Him meet South and North,
All Christly souls are one in Him,
  Throughout the whole wide earth.