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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Mary Jane Q Cross - Sovereign Lord I trust and Depend on Thee

Another painting with Mary Jane Q Cross' doves - the spiritual meaning of doves, the connection with the Spirit and the gentleness of these birds comes through.  The accompanying poem is also beautiful. 

Sovereign Lord I Trust and Depend on Thee
Councilor Lord of life and times
Cast in stars where love is defined
Seeking serving evermore
Beckons me through opened  door

Flexing wings no timid dart
Comfort found close to Your heart
Quiet beat the fluttering breast
As home is You and I Thy guest

My fragile heart is in Your Hands
Willing, content with no demands
Loving breath surrounds my face
As I am bathed in Sovereign’s grace

Fragrant wind of perfect rest
Beneath God’s wing I build this nest
Trusting Comforted I live this life
Protect this soul from worldly  strife.

Sovereign Lord I trust in Thee
However can it possibly be
That dependence is so safe a place
Where every moment beholds Thy face