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Thursday, December 5, 2013

1Rosa Bonheur - The Highland Shepherd, Arcangelo Corelli - Preludio (Largo), John Oxenham - The Christ

I've been reading books by George MacDonald lately - many set in Scotland, so this painting of a Highland Shepherd caught my interest when I was looking through paintings by our new artist Rosa Bonhuer.  It's amazing that she can paint this many sheep and make them each look unique.

Here  is Wikipedia's article on Rosa Bonhuer and
Here is Art History Archive's biographical sketch of her life.

Here is a link to a Picasa Web Album with the paintings I've chosen for our Rosa Bonheur study in case you want to copy them ahead.

File:Rosa Bonheur - The Highland Shepherd.jpg
The Highland Shepherd - Rosa Bonheur

Our new composer Arcangelo Corelli was a violinist as well as a composer and teacher and he was widely influential. Corelli was a generation before Bach and Handel and his work was foundational for what they later accomplished.    If you use the Vox Music Masters "The Story of..." CD's Corelli and Vivaldi are together on one CD.

Here  is a link to a concise biographical article on Arcangelo Correlli. or you can view Wikipedia's article on him here.

Our first work by Corelli will be Preludio (Largo)

Our new poet is John Oxenham.  I first discovered this poet in an old, now unused library housed in a tiny cabin at a camp where I was attending family camp. Loving old books I decided to spend some free time there. John Oxenham's book of poetry, Bees in Amber, caught my eye and I enjoyed it so much I borrowed the book for a day and copied a couple of his poems into my journal.  Selected Poems of John Oxenham by Charles L. Wallis has a nice biographical sketch by John Oxenham's daughter.  I would print it here, but the book isn't quite old enough to be in the public domain.  I hope you can find a copy and enjoy both the poems and the biographical sketch.

Here is a link to poems by John Oxenham

                        THE CHRIST

The good intent of God became the Christ.
And lived on earth--the Living Love of God,
That men might draw to closer touch with heaven,
Since Christ in all the ways of man hath trod.

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