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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Preview for Fall Term

Thank you for your patience, I hope you've had a good summer.  Our daughter's wedding was beautiful and meaningful.  I'm getting ready for school again, so we're ready for a new artist, composer and poet to study.  This is notice so you can make prints or purchase a DVD.

I'll be back next week with our new poet - John Donne and since he's a rather advanced poet, I'll perhaps feature some for young children by various authors as well.  Our Artist will be Australian, Hans Heysen.   You can see his paintings I'll be featuring over the next three months at my Picasa Web Album of Hans Heysen Paintings.  You can print them if you'd like to for your family's educational use.  Our music this term will be Humperdinck's Hansel and Gretel opera.  You can preview it here.  It's not in English, but has English subtitles.  We'll be listening to it a bit each week.  I'm also previewing some other versions that you could purchase, or if you and your children aren't interested in opera, you can choose from a composer already featured on this blog or look for one you'd like to study on your own. Until next week - blessings as you serve our King by serving your families.