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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen, Johann Sebastian Bach - Cello Suites, Aileen Fisher - I Heard a Bluebird Sing

Some of you may be just starting back to school like we are - I thought this picture was fun with the little girl sitting outside with her books....Another lovely painting by Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen

 Johann Sebastian Bach Six Cello Suites

These two poems by Aileen Fisher are from I Heard a Bluebird Sing

In a matchbox
is a cricket
with a patent-leather shine.
It's at Peter's,
and he's printed

In a fruit jar
that is open,
with a leaf on which to dine,
is a cricket
that is Kathy's 
and she thinks it's very fine.

Nothing's gayer
than a cricket!
Nothing's louder after nine!
But my mother
thinks a thicket
is the nicest place for mine. 

Who tells the little deer mouse
when summer goes away
that she should fix a cozy place,
a comfy place to stay,
and fill her cupboard shelves with seeds
from berries, weeds, and hay?

Who tells the little deer mouse
before the year is old
that she should wear a warmer coat
to shield her from the cold?
I'm glad that someone tells her 
and she does as she is told.


  1. Do you have a schedule for the upcoming months? I would like to find the copies of the pictures ahead of time so I have them here. I would like to have them printed so I'm prepared. Thank you for all your work!!

  2. Dear Elle: Thanks for taking time to write - I love hearing from readers and knowing you're out there using this! I usually choose an artist, musician and poet for the season - about 3 months then just work on it bit by bit as I have time, sometimes weekly, sometimes in a clump, but no, I don't have a plan ahead.... You could work a season behind where I am as then they would all be accessible.... Unless you've been with me since the beginning you could go back to a former artist and do all their paintings or use google images and choose some of your own to supplement. There isn't really any seasonal meaning to most of my posts so it shouldn't matter when you feature a particular artist. It's only recently that I started to feature an artist for three whole months so you may need to feature two from the past to fill up the time. If you're new to this blog you may enjoy going back and picking and choosing your favorites anyway....or working a year behind (there are a few references to and selections that are seasonal or you could start at the beginning of the blog and skip whatever doesn't suit you and eventually catch up.... Until recently I mixed up when I changed over artists and musicians and poets so that we could take time to study up on them at the beginning - thinking it might be too much to switch all three at once, but now I've started to choose them by the quarter all at once and you can study them at your leisure over the three months. I probably should get more organized and plan it all out so I know where I'm going, but at this point I'm not that organized.... :) Hope this works out for you.... Blessings, Patti