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Friday, August 23, 2013

"At the Well" by Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen

 I enjoyed watching and listening to this Tocatta and Fugue in D by Johann Sebastian Bach . Dmitriev does an amazing  job of playing it on an accordian!

Two of Aileen Fisher's poems from I Heard a Bluebird Sing

The trunk of a tree
is the road for me
on a sunny summer day.

Up the bark
that is brown and dark
through tunnels of leaves that sway
and tickle my knees
in the trembly breeze,
that's where I make my way.

   Leaves in my face
   and twigs in my hair
   in a squeeze of a place,
   but I don't care!

Some people talk
of a summer walk
through clover and weeds and hay.

Some people stride
where the hills are wide
and the rocks are speckled gray.

But the trunk of a tree
is the road for me
on a sunny summer day.


In the still dark depths
of the pines and birches,
day-birds sleep
on their hidden perches.

A woodchuck curls
in his burrow bed,
a squirrel in his leaf-nest

And down in his tunnel
a chippy is dozing,
comfy and quiet 
and never supposing
that out in the starlight
a doe and a fawn
are picking his daisies
and mowing his lawn!

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