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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Johann Georg Meyer Von Bremen - The Honey Eater

Johann Georg Meyer Von Bremen - The Honey Eater

Johann Sebastian Bach - The Well Tempered Clavier
These are a collection of solo keyboard compositions written in all the different keys for student practice.
This recording is almost two hours long so you may want to use it as background music while you do other things.  Here is a wikipedia article about these pieces.

A new poet today - Aileen Lucia Fisher is a fairly recent poet, she just died in 2002.  Much of her poetry is inspired by nature and much of it is simple and short.  There are many collections of poetry available by Aileen.  I ordered in quite a few from our library; I imagine yours would have some too or you can order them on Amazon.  You can read a short biographical sketch of her life here.
She said, “Poetry is a rhythmical piece of writing that leaves the reader feeling that life is a little richer than before, a little more full of wonder, beauty, or just plain delight.” 
You might also be familiar with her book, All on a Mountain Day which I highly recommend.  We also have enjoyed her books, Summer of Little Rain and We Dickinson, the Life of Emily Dickinson as Seen Through the Eyes of Her Brother Austin.

A first poem as an introduction, comes from her book, I Heard A Bluebird Sing:

                Twice Born
 For moths and butterflies, it's nice:
they get born once, they get born twice.

They get born first from tiny eggs
as caterpillars having legs.

They get born next from silk cocoons,
with wings, on summer afternoons.

If I should get a second try,
I'd like to grow some wings, and fly.

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