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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Johann Georg Meyer Von Bremen, Bach - Concertos for Oboe and Oboe D'Amore, Aileen Fisher - A Summer Chase and Fireflies

Johann Georg Meyer Von Bremen painted this lovely painting.  I like to imagine that she is carrying her nature journal....I like how the background scenery fades in the distance .

Johann Sebastian Bach Concertos for Oboe and Oboe D'Amore (You can skip the ad) This recording is over an hour long so it might make good background music while you draw or do crafts.
You can view Wikipedia's entry on Oboes here
Here are two pictures of oboes:

It's hard to know where to begin with poems by Aileen Lucia Fisher, there are so many wonderful poems by her.  Here are two from her book In Summer, which, by the way, has lovely artwork of children at play. 

      A Summer Chase
I wish I could keep my
But whenever I catch him,
he squeezes between my fingers
and flutters as if to say,
"You'll never hold me
on a summer day."
Oops!  He's gone again!

The fireflies click on their
  tiny lights
  to brighten up the 
  summer nights.
But, how do they click
  them on...
  and then,
  how do they click them
  off again?

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