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Friday, January 6, 2012

Joseph Farquharson - The Winter's Glow; Ferdinando Carulli - Overture, and Amy Carmichael, Be Thou my Vision and Show the Way

"The Winter's Glow" is the last winter sheep painting I have planned for Joseph Farquharson - next week we will view a summer scene of sheep and then move on to some very different paintings of his.  His winter sheep scenes seem to me to have a comforting peacefulness to them.  Again there are a lot of wonderful details to take in if you take time to study this picture.

Today's piece by Ferdinando Carulli is called Overture.  This looks like a challenging piece to play but this young man plays it beautifully.  I enjoy the happy sound of Carulli's music.
Click the link below to listen to it.

The poems I've been sharing with you the past few weeks by Amy Carmichael are from a collection of her poems titled, Mountain Breezes.  I highly recommend this book.  It is my favorite book of poetry and I turn to it over and over again.  Amy's spiritual insights were deep and her word pictures are beautiful and touch my heart deeply.  

               BE THOU MY VISION
O Lord, we bring Thee these for whom we pray--
Be Thou their strength, their courage and their stay;
And should their faith flag as they run the race.
Show them again the vision of Thy face.

Be Thou their vision, Lord of Calvary.
Hold them to follow; hold them fast by Thee
O Thou who art more near to us than air,
Let them not miss Thee ever, anywhere.

             SHOW THE WAY
Order his steps, O Savior, lest he stray;
For all is new--he does not know the way.
Thy word is light; no other lantern, Lord,
Need we, nor ask we, but Thine own clear word.

Lord, give him grace, that he obey his light;
Courage and faith, lest he should fail in fight.
O knit his heart to Thee, that he be found
Steadfast in Thee, and in Thy statutes sound.

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