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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Elizabeth Gardener Bouguereau - Soap Bubbles, Ludwig Von Beethoven,

New poems by Amy Carmichael today.  Hope you enjoy the painting and music again.  How is this working out for you all?  Would you prefer a new painting and piece of music weekly or do you prefer having them for two consecutive weeks as we've been doing?  I'd like to hear from you what would work best for you.  Thanks
  This week's painting is Soap Bubbles by
Elizabeth Gardner Bouguereau.
Soap Bubbles by Elizabeth Gardner Bouguereau
This week's music by Ludwig Van Beethoven  is Symphony #9.  You can watch it here along with beautiful scenery:

Most of the poetry of Amy Carmichael that we are featuring is for young people but I highly recommend all of her work.  She was deeply devoted to the LORD and wrote beautiful poetry.  She didn't shrink from painful or disappointing experiences but saw them as a part of God's plan and a fellowship in His sufferings, a taking up of her cross. You can read all of her work in Mountain Breezes which is a collection of her work.

What are bubbles made of?  Tell me:
   Diamond flashes?
      Film of pearls?
See, the smooth green water curls
   Round the shoulder
      Of a boulder;
         Something shatters,
            Something Scatters,
               Dances on the polished floor;
More and more
   Come and go;
         Of swift water hurries past;
Bubbles frolic on it, last
   Just a moment; others run
      In their myriads, and are spun
         Down the shining, sunlit river,
            On and on, and on forever.

              OURS FOREVER
All that was ever ours is ours forever:
Glory of greenwood and the shining river,
Joy of companionship of kindred mind;
All, all is ours.  It is not left behind
Among the withered things that must decay;
It is stored up for us, somewhere, and for another day.

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  1. What a beautiful thought, "Joy of companionship of kindred mind," which we will enjoy at the Great Banquet.