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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Elizabeth Gardener Bouguereau - The Shepherd-David, Ludwig Van Beethoven - Fur Elise, and Amy Carmichael

I like how Elizabeth Gardener Bouguereau has painted David giving the honor for his victory of the lion to the LORD.

Elizabeth Jane Gardner Bouguereau

Our piece of music this week from Ludwig Van Beethoven is Fur Elise (for Elise) a well-known favorite of many.  You listen on You-Tube here:

Poetry by Amy Carmichael

For all that seems impossible,
   For all things hard,
I thank Thee who art my exceeding Joy
   And great Reward.

For what I have not strength to do,
   Where I must fail,
All glory to the Victor in the fight,
   Who will prevail.

As the faithful shepherd toileth,
   Through the briars, up the steep,
Lest some evil prowler spoileth
   His poor foolish wandering sheep,

So, great Shepherd, would we, caring
   For each several precious one,
Something of Thy travail sharing,
   Seek Thy sheep till set of sun.

Only twelve short hours--oh, never
   Let the sense of urgency
Die in us, Good Shepherd, ever
   Let us search the hills with Thee.

1 comment:

  1. Love both of these poems and the painting is so rich with meaning -- the lamb so innocent -- the lions ferocity captured even in death, and the upraised eyes of the Shepherd boy, giving praise to the One who gives victory to those who serve Him. May we too serve Him with such courage and faith! And like Amy's poem said about seeking the wandering sheep may we too never tire in seeking the wandering ones again.