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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rosa Bonheur - A Shepherdess With A Goat and Two Cows in a Meadow, John Oxenham - New Year's Day--and Every Day

Another interesting painting by Rosa Bonhuer, I like the light and dark contrasts -- how the shadows fall, the vivid sky, the peaceful stance of the girl and the little details like the thistle the black and white cow is eying. 

File:Rosa Bonheur - Une bergère avec une chèvre et deux vaches dans un pré.jpg

Continuing with our Trio Sonatas - today Opus 4 by Arcangelo Corelli.

and here is a link to a list of his complete works.  Easy listening - great background music.

A wonderful poem by John Oxenham for the new year...

New Year's Day--and Every Day

     Each man is Captain of his Soul,
     And each man his own Crew,
     But the Pilot knows the Unknown Seas,
     And He will bring us through.

We break new seas to-day,--
Our eager keels quest unaccustomed waters,
And, from the vast uncharted waste in front,
The mystic circles leap
To greet our prows with mightiest possibilities;
Bringing us--what?
     --Dread shoals and shifting banks?
     --And calms and storms?
     --And clouds and biting gales?
     --And wreck and loss?
     --And valiant fighting-times?
And, maybe, Death!--and so, the Larger Life!

     For should the Pilot deem it best 
     To cut the voyage short,
     He sees beyond the sky-line, and
     He'll bring us into Port.

And, maybe, Life--Life on a bounding tide
     And chance of glorious deeds;--
     Of help swift-borne to drowning mariners;
     Of cheer to ships dismasted in the gale;
     Of succours given unasked and joyfully;
     Of mighty service to all needy souls.

     So--Ho for the Pilot's orders,
     Whatever course He makes!
     For He sees beyond the sky-line,
     And He never makes mistakes.

And, maybe, Goden Days,
     Full freighted with delight!
     --And wide free seas of unimagined bliss,
     --And Treasure Isles, and Kingdoms to be won,
     --And Undiscovered Countries, and New Kin.

     For each man captains his own Soul,
     And chooses his own Crew,
     But the Pilot knows the Unknown Seas,
     And He will bring us through.

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