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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Elizabeth Gardener Bouguereau -

 I thought this painting by Elizabeth Gardener Bouguereau of the two girls feeding the bird was fun.  What kind of fruit do you think the girls are feeding the bird?

Ludwig Von Beethoven wrote the following beautiful and peaceful piece of music called "Pathetique" Sonata in C minor II Adagio Cantabile.

I hope you have been enjoying the poetry of Amy Carmichael as much as I have!  Here are two more of her works.

                   FOR JESUS
Jesus, Savior, dost Thou see
When I'm doing things for Thee?
Common things, not great and grand:
Carrying stones, and earth and sand?

"I did common work, you know,
Many, many years ago;
And I don't forget.  I see
Everything you do for Me."

               JESUS' WAYS
If Jesus built a ship,
   She would travel trim;
If Jesus roofed a barn,
   No leaks would be left by Him;
If Jesus planted a garden,
   He would make it like Paradise;
If Jesus did my day's work,
   It would delight His Father's eyes.

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