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Thursday, August 18, 2011

William Beauguereau, Johann Sebastian Bach - Air on G String, The Sun Travels by Robert Louis Stevenson

I have been thinking that perhaps I am moving too quickly over each painting, that having so much available we aren't able to take time to savor it.  For my own children I'm thinking that seeing a particular painting for two weeks in a row and studying it more carefully might be more beneficial than moving on to a new one every week.  With the music and poetry this is probably true also.  I know that, for myself, going over a thing repeatedly makes me familiar with it and gives more satisfaction as it becomes "mine".  Also I think I'll try making each new painting the screensaver on our computer so it gets looked at over and over throughout the two weeks.  I'm open to your opinions on this.  Have you been enjoying having a new post every week or would bi-weekly be just as good or perhaps better?  I hope you enjoy today's touching painting of a mother and her baby.  William Adolphe Bouguereau does such a good job of capturing both the baby's peacefulness in sleep and the mother's adoration.

Maternal Admiration by William Adolphe Bouguereau

A peaceful piece by Johann Sebastian Bach that is one of my favorites - Air on G String

The Sun Travels
by Robert Louis Stevenson

The sun is not a-bed, when I
At night upon my pillow lie;
Still round the earth his way he takes,
And morning after morning makes.

While here at home, in shining day,
We round the sunny garden play,
Each little Indian sleepy-head
Is being kissed and put to bed.

And when at eve I rise from tea,
Day dawns beyond the Atlantic Sea;
And all the children in the west
Are getting up and being dressed.

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