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Friday, December 30, 2011

Joseph Farquharson - A Winter's Morning, Ferdinando Carulli - Etude

Sorry this post is late this week ....  Hope you're still enjoying Joseph Farquaharson's work - today's painting is called "A Winter's Morning".  He seemed to like painting the wonderful colors of sunrise and sunset on snow.  Notice again the light and sky colors reflected in the water under the bridge.  I thought the  birds were a fun touch, too.

A Winters Morning - Joseph Farquharson

We continue with the beautiful and peaceful guitar music of Ferdinando Carulli - today's piece is Etude

I hope you aren't tiring of Amy Carmichael yet, she has so many wonderful and inspiring poems!!

                LET US LOOK UP
Great God of strength and quietness,
Of heights undreamed, of depths profound,
Our poor endeavors shame us less
Than thoughts that often hedge us round:

Our noisy, vain imaginings,
Our busy fears, when we might rise
Serene as on an eagle's wings.
And taste the bliss of heavenly skies.

Thine angels swift, obedient,
Who do Thy pleasure joyfully,
Are round about us, well content
To succor one beloved by Thee.

And Thou our God dost on us wait,
Attentive to our lightest call;
Thy gentleness would make us great
were we not set on being small.

Forgive us, Lord; in us renew
A faith that cannot fear mischance;
Let us look up and see the blue,
The love light on Thy countenance.

Oh, never never let us be
As those who have not heard the voice
That calls to us perpetually;
Rejoice; again I say, Rejoice!

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  1. What a gift! I really appreciate what you've done with the paintings by Joseph Farquharson! I found you through Nadine's Practical Pages post, and look forward to seeing more!