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Friday, December 2, 2011

Joseph Farquharson - The Shortening Winter's Day, Ferdinando Carulli and

I'd like to introduce you to a new artist this week -
Joseph Farquharson. Joseph Farquharson who was from Scottland painted in both oil and watercolor.  As a child, he used his father's paint box on Saturdays which was the only day his father allowed him to paint.  When he turned 12 his father bought him his first paints and only a year later he exhibited his first painting at the Royal Scottish Academy.  His paintings often include sheep.

File:The shortening winter's day is near a close Farquharson.jpg
The Shortening Winter's Day is Near a Close
 Note the wonderful pastel colors Farquharson uses to depict the snow shadows and sheep's wool.

Our new composer is Ferdinando Carulli.   The following is a quote from Wikipedia   Maria Meinrado Francesco Pascale Rosario Carulli (Naples, 9 February 1770 – Paris, 17 February 1841) was an Italian composer for classical guitar and the author of the first complete classical guitar method, which continues to be used today. He wrote a variety of works for classical guitar, including concertos and chamber works. He was an extremely prolific writer for guitar, composing over 400 works for the instrument in the space of 12 years.   

To read more use the following links:

This week's piece of music by Ferdinando Carulli is Andante in A Minor. You can listen on the following You-tube link.

Our Amy Carmichael poems for this week follow.  I hope you are enjoying her works as much as I am.  

It was a chilly night
  At the end of a showery day,
And the air was full of a silver light
   And rain like the dust of spray.

And softly the woodland folk
  Moved here and there; and, dumb,
The night-bird flew; and suddenly broke
  Through the silence, a voice calling, "Come."

And we stood in the dim moonshine
  And saw a wonder grow
Like a moonflower's delicate, curving line,
  A floating phantom bow.

The glimmering colors hung
  Over mountain, forest and stream.
Was ever a radiance so lightly flung
  In a faint and vanishing dream?

What lay beyond?  We shall know
  When the King of Eternity,
Whose fingers fashioned the moon rainbow,
  Calls, "Children, come and see."


Once a star rose in the sky,
Silver star of mystery,
But the wise men, pondering, knew
What it said that they must do.

So, in that first Christmastide,
On their camels they did ride--
Rode to far Jerusalem,
Rode to farther Bethlehem;

Found the little, precious child,
On the ground before Him piled
Gold and frankincense and myrrh;
Hailed Him Royal Conqueror.

Once again, led by a Star.
Do we come from near and far,
Drawn by Love's beloved cords,
Hail our Savior, Lord of lords.

And as holy Seraphim
Veil their faces, worship Him,
Pray we now this Christmas grace--
Reverence as we seek His Face.

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