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Friday, December 9, 2011

Joseph Farquharson, Ferdinando Carulli,

Another beautiful painting by Joseph Farquharson.  Again it includes sheep and the wonderful pastel colors on the snow.  Note his use of light and color.

Joseph Farquharson
And the Sun Peeped O'er Yon Southland Hills

Today's musical piece by Ferdinando Carulli is Andantino in G

More of Amy Carmichael's wonderful poetry this week

                      (I Kings 20:27)

Like two little flocks of kids,
We are scattered on the hill;
Of what avail our puny might?
Of what avail our skill?

But with us is the Lord of Hosts:
He is the Lamb that was slain;
What matter though the Syrians fill
The valley and the plain!

       GOD'S LAUGH
         (Psalm 2:4-6)
Thou art here--Emmanuel;
Therefore shall the evil fall.
Rage the powers of death and hell?
Laugh the hosts satanical?
But the Lord shall laugh at them;
Short their day and fleeting fast.
And the Child of Bethlehem
Shall be King at last, at last.

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