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Friday, January 27, 2017

Mary Jane Q Cross -- Upstream Years Downstream Life

 I love the colors and play of light in this lovely painting by Mary Jane Q Cross! Makes me long for Spring.... It's a peaceful, happy scene, note the interest and intent on the girl's face and the light reflected back from the water. 


Upstream Years Downstream Life - Mary Jane Q Cross



“Upstream Years Downstream Life”

On this pleasant day I pray
The seeds set deep, not blown away

Heart and soul within the seed
Oh Father King…I beg no weed.

Float my dreams down to the sea
Go before so I might see

A swift look back, upstream in years
From where I come with all it’s tears

Of  little dreams of who I be
Set adrift on inland sea.

Washing downstream headlong life
Seek momentum sans the strife

To broader wider vision keep
Hope unfurled cool and deep

Wave on wave and yet again
My years ahead dear God do send

What you make inside Godhead
That I must be…hope or dread

My eye downstream yearns to see
Blueprint for that which I may be

Within your breath blow me home
From backwash stalled, perchance I roam

Draw me timidly gentle out
That I might float, tall and stout

To the seas in journeys home
Ride high wave in airy foam

I love thee soul dear gentle boat
Eternity bring me home to float

To nourish, abide, colonize, dwell
That I may do this life ..and well

By Mary Jane Q Cross   copyrighted 2006

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