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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mary Cassatt - Mrs. Cassatt Reading to her Grandchildren, Chopin - , William Wordsworth - A Character

Mary Cassatt has captured a wonderful reading moment here.  The children are very engaged in the story and you can tell they adore their grandmother.  Sweet painting....  Even though my oldest grandchild is just three years old, we already love cuddling up with books together.  I look forward to many more wonderful times together with my grandchildren shared around books.  
Mrs. Cassatt Reading to Her Grandchildren

I was amazed watching Yundi Li's fingers fly over the piano keys as he plays Fantasie Impormptu Op.66This is a beautiful piece of music by Frederic Chopin and the musician is obviously very skilled.  

 Here is a link to "The Best of Chopin" almost 2 hours of pieces by Chopin if you want to listen to lots of music by this composer 

Today's poem by William Wordsworth describes the wonder of  possibilities in  human facial expression.  

                        A Character

I marvel how Nature could ever find space
For so many strange contrasts in one human face:
There's thought and no thought, and there's paleness and bloom
And bustle and sluggishness, pleasure and gloom.

There's weakness, and strength both redundant and vain;
Such strength as, if ever affliction and pain
Could pierce through a temper that's soft to disease,
Would be rational peace--a philosopher's ease.

There's indifference, alike when he fails or succeeds,
And attention full ten times as much as there needs;
Pride where there's no envy, there's so much of joy;
And mildness, and spirit both forward and coy.

There's freedom, and sometimes a diffident stare
Of shame scarcely seeming to know that she's there,
There's virtue, the title it surely may claim,
Yet wants heaven knows what to be worthy the name.

This picture from nature may seem to depart,
Yet the Man would at once run away with your heart;
And I for five centuries right gladly would be
Such an odd such a kind happy creature as he.


  1. What a magnificent poem. Thanks so much for all of the work you put into making this site accessible to all, Patti. It has been a great source of delight for me and I eagerly look forward to your posts. The selection of the day is also magnificent. Much more enjoyable than the previous selection:)

  2. PS - Thanks for the great new musical selections...and for not removing the Carulli pieces that I so love!

  3. That poem is just lovely! I've never come across that one before - thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you for taking time to comment - you are all an encouragement to me and along with my sweet children make it worth the effort! I love the Carulli pieces, too.

  5. I just LOVE Cassatt!!! Beautiful! :)