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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mary Cassatt - Auguste Reading to Her Daughter, Chopin - Nocturne Op.27 No. 2, William Wordsworth - To a Child Written in Her Album

This painting by Mary Cassatt leaves me a bit dissatisfied.  It doesn't quite fit my ideals of the bliss of mother reading to daughter or the active connection I feel when I share a book with my children.  The daughter looks comfortable but detached - perhaps she is just far away in thought.  It bothers me a little that they are both so "quiet" as if they were somehow disconnected even though they are physically close - the mother almost looks as if she is reading silently and the girl looks disinterested, almost pouting.  I really like the bright colors in their clothing and the contrasts between light and dark - the mother's face against the dark water and her dark hair against the bright green of the far bank.  It's a pretty picture, but somehow it seems that some of the joy and sparkle in the countenances is missing.  Anyone else able to better put your finger on what I am perceiving - or perhaps disagree with me and have a better insight into this painting.

Auguste Reading to Her Daughter
 Frederic Chopin -   Nocturne Op. 27 No. 2

 I enjoyed this peaceful piece of music by Chopin.  I hope you do, too.  

A new poet today -William Wordsworth
Two Biographical sketches: - William Wordsworth 
Wikipedia - William Wordsworth

   To a Child Written in Her Album
Small service is true service while it lasts:
Of humblest Friends, bright Creature! scorn not one:
The Daisy, by the shadow that it casts,
Protects the lingering dew-drop from the Sun.


  1. I'm with you; they both look dissatisfied somehow, the mother appears to be reading to herself (maybe because her mouth is firmly closed?) and the daughter looks bored and cranky.

    Had she had them facing each other, even if they hadn't been making eye contact there might have been more appearance of connection.

    I do love the reflections in the water behind them, though.

  2. I want to thank you for keeping this website available. It has been an invaluable resource for me in home schooling my six children!

    1. I'm so glad! And thanks for taking time to let me know. I miss doing this blog. It makes me happy that it's still useful and blessing people.