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Friday, December 16, 2016

Sing Over Me by Mary Jane Q Cross

Again, sorry for the delay since the last painting.  Here's another lovely painting by Mary Jane Q Cross with two accompanying poems.

Sing Over Me

Enchantment indwells every thought
Of how my smallish soul was bought.

Over me I hear You sing;
On sweet clear notes I surely cling.

Your songs, today, wash over me
To lift my head and bend my knee.

Worship to Thee is sweet and clear;
It's tribute music to Your ear.

Pierce morning's air with veery(2) voice--
Wings unseen but rich and choice.

Encouragement, love, doing well,
I hear from where Thee surely dwell.

It is Your thrill to call to me,
Announcing, proclaiming victory.

I hear the bell, distant, sincere,
With face to You, with open ear.

If You sing over me and keep me fast,
You hold my rapture first to last.

Receive my face this moment alone,
Echoing strains of my King's home.

So sing over me, I listen deep,
Knowing, my Sovereign, this spirit You keep.

Notes from Thee, songs over me,
Benediction's you sing over me.

2. A veery is a bird here in the Northeast that has a stunning sound, but you will rarely see it, and never when it sings.  When I hear its wondrous sound in the night or early morning, I feel quite privileged.  It is a sound from what might be, perhaps, early creation that soothes the soul like no ohter sound.  Surely a symphony in a moment.

This picture is also with "He is Risen" in her book, Poems of a Painter, Paintings of a Prayer. 

                            He is Risen


He is risen!  My existence in a moment changed,
Time ever ahead, endlessly re-arranged.

Imperishable truth I, here, do own
From folded cloth and rolled away stone.

This glorious sunrise I awake, am free,
Glimpsing deathless, immortal eternity.

Soul alive this day, pleased to see
All my God intended I be.


Did you sing over us, as you effortlessly arose,
drawing all to Thee, and to our soul's repose?

You might find this close-up of the top right of the painting interesting as you can see the finger prints Mary Jane used as she painted the background.

 Displaying MJ Cross,Sing_Over_Me oil UP close Hi REZ 22x28 - Copy (2).jpg

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