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Thursday, January 29, 2015

John Constable - Ladies From the Family of Mr. William Mason of Colchester, Felix Mendelssohn - Piano Trio No. 1, Elizabeth Barrett Browning - The Best Thing in the World

I like this painting by John Constable, Ladies From The Family Of Mr. William Mason Of Colchester.  I like the warm colors, the subject and the red book.  It's hard to beat reading a good book together.

Ladies From The Family Of Mr William Mason Of Colchester

You can find the link to enlarge it, here.

A dramatic piece today by Felix Mendelssohn  Piano Trio No. 1

Have you been reading any poetry by Elizabeth Barrett Browning?  I have a book of her poetry by my bed and I'm enjoying reading a bit each night.  It's truly beautiful and moving.  I hope you enjoy this short poem.

The Best Thing in the World

What's the best thing in the world?
June-rose, by May-dew impearled;
Sweet south-wind, that means no rain;
Truth, not cruel to a friend;
Pleasure, not in haste to end;
Beauty, not self-decked and curled
Till its pride is over-plain;
Light, that never makes you wink;
Memory, that gives no pain;
Love, when, so, you're loved again.
What's the best thing in the world?
—Something out of it, I think.

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  1. It is interesting to see how different John Constable's paintings look when painting portraits instead of landscapes. His landscapes seem very inspired to me, like they were part of his purpose in life. This portrait seems mediocre in comparison. Still good, but the landscapes are so phenomenal that the portrait doesn't even compare.