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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mary and Joseph at the Inn - Abraham Willemsens, Handel's Messiah, Christmas Poem - Rachael Lofgren

Mary and Joseph at the Inn by Abraham Willemsens
Here is a link to Wikipedia's article on Abraham Willemsens.

We'll be featuring Handel's Messiah for the month of December.

Here is a link to the full oratorio, Handel's Messiah as performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.  I have been enjoying listening to this all day.  I'd like to follow along and get familiar with some of the words.  Here is a link to the texts for each song.  As you can see it basically comes right out of the Scripture.  The words for each part are often repeating so it should be easy to catch and learn them.  I think I'll print that page out for myself and my children. 

Here is a link to Part I of Handel's Messiah Comfort Ye My People and Every Valley Shall Be Exalted. 

A listing of the three parts and the songs in each part as copied from Wikipedia's article on Handel's Messiah  is at the end of this post. You might enjoy sharing parts of the article with your children.

A Christmas poem by my daughter, Rachael Lofgren

Ah, can it be, God's glory came
To earth a babe, from heaven's reign?
To live and die among our dust;
That His salvation we might trust.

Oh can it be, a King come down
Would trade a manger for a crown?
The streets of gold and heaven's light,
For earth's dark misery and night?

But oh Redemption, this the plan,
A remedy for fallen man;
A hope, a joy, a love like none,
That God should give HIS ONLY SON!

Ah, GREATEST GIFT of all the years,
Oh Jesus Savior from our sins!
To Heaven's bliss the golden KEY
We praise you for the gift so free!

Handel's Messiah (as copied from Wikipedia)


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  2. While I haven't commented in a while, Patti, I wanted to pop over and tell you that I am still following and enjoying your blog so very much. What a beautiful poem that your daughter has written. Thank you so much for sharing! And this is such a wonderful resource for studying Handel's Messiah. I appreciate it all being in one easy location for future reference. Thank you!