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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rosa Bonheur - The Horse Fair, Arcangelo Corelli - concerto Grosso - OP.6 no.3, John Oxenham - Whirring Wheels
The Horse Fair
This painting was my introduction to Rosa Bonheur.  It is full of vibrant action.  Lots to look at and enjoy here. 

And a closeup here:

File:WLA metmuseum Rosa Bonheur The Horse Fair detail.jpg

Another beautiful piece of music this week from Arcangelo Corelli Concerto Grosso - Op. 6 No. 3.  You can enjoy watching the musicians as they play.  

Our John Oxenham poem this week is for those sleepless nights


Lord, when on my bed I lie,
Sleepless, unto Thee I'll cry;
When my brain works overmuch,
Stay the wheels with Thy soft touch.

Just a quiet thought of Thee,
And of Thy sweet charity,--
Just a little prayer, and then
I will turn to sleep again.

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