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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen, Johann Sebastian Bach - Air (on the G string), Aileen Fisher - Sing of the Earth and Sky

Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen

Today's piece by Johann Sebastian Bach is one of my favorites - Air (on the G String) (You can skip the ad if you'd like)

Three poems today by Aileen Fisher from Sing of the Earth and Sky: Poems about Our Planet and the Wonders Beyond


Sing of the Earth and sky,
sing of our lovely planet,
sing of the low and high,
of fossils locked in granite.

Sing of the strange, the known,
the secrets that surround us,
sing of the wonders shown,
and wonders still around us.

The face of the sky
has a golden eye
by day, when the sun
is low or high.

The face of the sky
has a silver eye
at night, when the moon
goes sailing by.

All day, all night,
with a watch to keep,
how does the sky
have a chance to sleep?

Suppose you stood
on a darkened slope
and looked at the sky
through a telescope
and counted the stars
for hours...or, say,
you counted a night
of your life away...

You'd just make a start,
a very small try,
at counting the number
of stars in the sky.


  1. Thanks for sharing these Aileen Fisher poems - her writing is so simple - yet deeply reflective. I was expecting the music to be a bit quieter - but the energy and movement of the first part seemed to match all three poems - (like with wondering about the world around us - imagining the sky not having a chance to sleep - and then truly feeling a sky filled with "countless stars") - all matched the tempo of the first part of the music. Then, the quieter part of the second half of the music was like soaking it all in with a restful state. Great post.

    1. Thank you so much for taking time to share your thoughts!

  2. Patti, I find your blog so incredibly beautiful and restful :) I have been enjoying it for just myself for a while, but am hoping to start using it with the kids as we start back homeschooling.
    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog :)

    1. Dear Rachel: Thank you for your words of blessing. They are an encouragement to me - thank you.