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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Johann Georg Meyer Von Bremen, Johann Sebastian Bach - a Passionate Life,

Johann Georg Meyer Von Bremen
painted this wonderful picture of an old grandmother talking to her grandchildren.

While I was looking for music by Johann Sebastian Bach, I came upon this video documentary of Bach's life.  It is narrated by orchestra conductor, John Eliot Gardiner.  It tells Bach's life story as well as taking you to many of the places that he lived and worked and weaves in and describes his great musical compositions. Watch Bach: A Passionate Life - John Eliot Gardiner.

 Two more poems by Aileen Fisher: these are from her book In One Door and Out the Other.   
             RUN IN THE RAIN

I wore a newspaper raincoat,
I wore a newspaper hat,
and my feet
went spattering down the street
as fast as the rain could spat.

I must have looked rather funny,
but oh, the race was sport,
and when I dashed
to the door at last I bet I dripped a quart.

Oh, the little roses
on the paper on the wall,
the green and yellow carpet
with its curlicues and all,
the bracket for a jacket
that would hardly fit an elf:
I'd almost like to be a doll
and live inside myself.

Oh, the little cupboard 
with the dishes in a row,
the curtains at the windows
that are fastened with a bow,
the table that is able
to be opened twice as wide:
I'd almost like to be a doll
so I could live inside.

Oh, the little sofa 
and the padded painted chairs,
the cunning little footstool,
and the candelsticks in pairs,
the places for some vases
on the mantel and the shelf:
I'd almost like to live inside
the little rooms myself.

Oh, the little dresser
and the cozy little bed
with cases on the pillows
and embroidery on the spread,
and the lonely one-and-only
little rocker near the clock:
I'd almost like to be a doll
and sit right down...and rock.

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