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Monday, June 24, 2013

johann Georg Meyer von Bremen, Johann Sebastian Bach - Rose Fyleman - The Spring

Today's painting by Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen is of a mother praying with her child.

Here is a link to the "Best of Bach" you can skip the ad after a couple of seconds.
 Johann Sebastian Bach's Partita for Solo Violin No. 2 is my choice for this week's piece by Bach. 
We've started Sebastian Bach The Boy from Thuringia, by Opal Wheeler.  It only has five chapters and is interesting and easy to read.  It has black and white illustrations on almost every page.  

I really like today's poem by Rose Fyleman.  It would be fun and easy to memorize

                  The Spring

A little mountain spring I found
That fell into a pool;
I made my hands into a cup
And caught the sprakling water up--
It tasted fresh and cool.

A Solemn little frog I spied
Upon the rocky brim;
He looked so boldly in my face,
I'm certain that he thought the place
Belonged by rights to him.

This poem made me think of the frog in the cistern in Journey From Peppermint Street by Meidert DeJong.  This is one of our favorites by him, but any of his books are wonderful read-alouds.

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