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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mary Cassatt - Alexnader Cassatt and His Son Robert, Frederic Chopin Mazurka Op. 7, No. 1, Willima Wordsworth - The Tables Turned

I ordered in about a half dozen books from our public library on Mary Cassatt that we are enjoying.  Being a popular artist there are many books featuring her art - many are oversize books that show her art nicely.  I found a nice biography, They Found a Way Mary Cassatt, by Catherine Scheader.  It's an 80 page chapter book told in story form.  It's not a large book and the pictures are black and white so you will probably want to get at least one of the larger books featuring color prints of her work to go along with it.
Alexander Cassatt and His Son Robert - by Mary Cassatt
Mary Cassatt didn't paint many pictures of men and those she did paint were, like this one, of family members.  Mary Cassatt was deeply devoted to her family.  This painting shows her brother and nephew.  Notice how the hands and arns lead your eye in a circle back up to the faces of the two.  

From 1825-1849 Frederic Chopin wrote at least 69 Mazurkas.  Today's featured piece is one of them.  Here is a link to an article explaining Mazurkas which are a polish folk dance in triple meter.  And another link here talking about Chopin's use of Mazurkas.  
Frederic Chopin: Mazurka op. 7/1

Another beautiful poem by William Wordsworth today extolling the benefits of contemplating nature.

The Tables Turned (An Evening Scene on the Same Subject)

Up! up! my Friend, and quit your books;
Or surely you'll grow double:
Up! up! my Friend, and clear your looks;
Why all this toil and trouble?

The sun, above the mountain's head,
A freshening lustre mellow
Through all the long green fields has spread,
His first sweet evening yellow.

Books! 'tis a dull and endless strife:
Come, hear the woodland linnet,
How sweet his music! on my life,
There's more of wisdom in it.

And hark! how blithe the throstle sings!
He, too, is no mean preacher:
Come forth into the light of things,
Let Nature be your teacher.

She has a world of ready wealth,
Our minds and hearts to bless --
Spontaneous wisdom breathed by health,
Truth breathed by cheerfulness.

One impulse from a vernal wood
May teach you more of man,
Of moral evil and of good,
Than all the sages can.

Sweet is the lore which Nature brings;
Our meddling intellect
Mis-shapes the beauteous forms of things:--
We murder to dissect.

Enough of Science and of Art;
Close up those barren leaves;
Come forth, and bring with you a heart
That watches and receives.

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  1. What a great painting! All of the Cassatt works I am familiar with involve only women...nice to see the male species represented so nicely.

    And a tidbit I just learned: today is Chopin's birthday.:)