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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pierre-Auguste Renoir - The Girl With the Watering Can, rRobert Schumann - Symphony No. 3 "Rhenish"

A new artist today but one you're perhaps familiar with - Pierre-Auguste Renoir.  He uses a lot of color.  He was a French impressionist painter.  Impressionists used brush strokes that were filled with color to "give an impression" of what they were seeing rather than try to paint it realistically. Your eye mixes the colors for you and makes assumptions about what is being portrayed from the suggestion convincing you of a real image.  This painting is called "Girl With a Watering Can"  It is a fun one to try to copy.

A lovely symphony by Robert Schumann today - Symphony No. 3 "Rhenish"  conducted by Liebowitz
Schumann - Symphony No. 3 "Rhenish"

Emily Dickinson's poetry was mostly unpublished until after her death - she was a very private person who preferred to spend time with her family and a very few close friends.  She thought in deep unusual ways and often pondered death and the hereafter.  Her word pictures and analogies are moving and beautiful.

ON this long storm the rainbow rose,
On this late morn the sun;
The clouds, like listless elephants,
Horizons straggled down.
The birds rose smiling in their nests,        5
The gales indeed were done;
Alas! how heedless were the eyes
On whom the summer shone!
The quiet nonchalance of death
No daybreak can bestir;        10
The slow archangel’s syllables
Must awaken her.

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